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Pre-press and Reprographics

We have been asked many times as to what types of formatted external drives and files that we can except, so below we have made it easier for when sending files to us in either Adobe or Microsoft, please make sure you embed all images and fonts when making a .doc, .indd or .qxd file into a .pdf file or send the images and fonts with the file so the document will look as it should when we open it.


We can accept any of the following types of media:

USB Memory Sticks
• USB External Hard Drives (including iPods)
CD & DVD ROM Disks
 Most Adobe & Microsoft Application Files


We can scan any image in Full Colur or Black & White up to and including A0 size (840mm x 1189mm) and then save it to any of the following file formats: BMP, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PDF or TIFF. The image can then be saved to disc, memory stick or even emailed to you, depending on file size.

Colour Scanning. A0+ size please call, A0 size is 76.50, A1 size is 35.10, A2 size is 18.90, A3 size is 7.00 and A4 size is 3.75. All prices are in Pound Sterling Black and White Scanning. A0+ size please call, A0 size is 5.48, A1 size is 2.92, A2 size is 1.98, A3 size is 0.45 and A4 size is 0.22. All prices are in Pound Sterling Media formats. CD Burns are 5.00 each, DVD Burns are 10.00 each, Save to USB or external hard drive is 5.00 and uploaded to an FTP site is 10.00 per 15 minutes. All prices are in pound sterling

Colour Sets, Colour Separations & Proofing

We advise that you have either of these done before your works goes to final print, so that you can check your work for any errors, as these can not be made whilst or after printing, and also saves you the extra costs of a reprint.

Image Re-touching

We can retouch image/s that you provide to us or from one that we have scanned in our reprographics department, and save it to a file format that you can still use afterwards.

Data Archiving

We can save any document that has been scanned and put onto any amount of CD/DVD’s that you may require. Also we can bookmarks files in PDF File format for ease of use for yourself when going through a document/s.
  A collection of images consisting of pre-press, media formats, colour sets and proofs and also data archiving.

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